Mint BOB Nation

Phase 1:  June 5th at 9:00 AM EST the mint opens, price is 0.08 Eth and no limit on purchasing.
Issue only 100 NFTs.
Phase 2: After 100 are sold: Private minting for the reward NFTs to be given to the community!
Phase 3: Public mint re-opens, no purchase limit

The Membership Pass NFT grants all the community benefits and makes you eligible for prizes and events is available now for 0.01 Eth! Get your membership pass today and start piling up the rewards.

BOB Nation BOB Nation BOB Nation BOB Nation BOB Nation BOB Nation BOB Nation BOB Nation BOB

Price is 0.01 ETH + Gas Fee
Please switch your wallet to Ethereum Mainnet and make sure to have funds for minting + gas fees.

at 10% of the sale we unlock reward nfts. at 25% more give aways and merch store at 50% exotic animals unlocked at 75% we have eth raffle draws at 100% we donate 15% of sales to wildlife conservation and 1 nft to the charity
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